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  • Eglė Žilinskaitė

DJ Jovani's disco, burst of emotions and undiscovered talents

The fourth day of the camp was opened with a joint morning exercise. After that, we prepared for breakfast and raised the flag while singing the camp anthem. All of us had a delicious breakfast and then the day's activities began. Today the teams had only two sessions, as we were preparing to meet an important guest.

The class of teamleader Neringa Razbadauskaitė was focused on various human emotions, their purpose and importance. During it, the campers tried to find inner harmony, and realize other people's feelings. In the form of a game, we tried to get to know the team members better, to understand what emotions mean to a person. The art class, led by Milda Derkintytė - Sadauskienė, motivated the youth to draw, not to be afraid to make mistakes, to fulfill their own ideas.

The youth were engaged in some different activities during the training session of teamleader Benas Mačiulaitis. Most of the campers tried paddle boarding for the first time. During the session, there were not only good emotions, but also fun falls into the water. Volleyball skills continued to be developed as well. During the circus activity of the teamleader Kęstas Matusevičius, the campers learned to build a pyramid from people and tried various acrobatic tricks.

In the afternoon, the young people started preparing for the talent evening and tomorrow's cleaning competition. During the preparation, the campers created choreographies for dances, repeated the words of songs and looked for clothes that would give their performances even more efficiency.

The most exciting activity started in the evening when we finally got a special guest. Camp ambassador DJ Jovani visited the youth! For the third year in a row, Jonas contributes to the smooth organization of the summer camp and dedicates his time to the campers.

After the arrival of the chairman of the commission, we started the TALENTS EVENING! As many as 11 performances participated in the competition, and they were evaluated by an honorable commission: one of the most famous DJs and music creators in Lithuania - Jonas Nainys, artist Milda Sadauskienė and circus enthusiast Kęstas Matusevičius.

There was no shortage of surprises, great mood, laughter, sensitive moments and even fear... The participants surprised the commission and the audience more and more, and the diversity of their talents was breathtaking.

Finally, after a fierce battle and endless intrigues, the first place went to Gabija Jareckaitė, whose voice left everyone speechless. And the second place went to the blind boy Simonas Žvirblis, who impressed everyone with his swimming abilities.

We closed the talent night with a bang - DJ Jovani at the disco! Lots of lights, cheers, dancing and great music. And where are the decorations that gave comfort and created a festive atmosphere...

Gathering around the fire caused the most sincere emotions. The campers had the opportunity to chat with Jonas and listen to his advice. We also sang the camp anthem and distributed mail.

It was an evening that the campers will remember for the rest of their lives... Thank you Jonas for a wonderful time and we hope to see you again soon!

The magical moment of the day is Jonas' fireside speech.

"Each trip and meeting with such young people inspires and motivates me to do various things. Being around young people, seeing how they are excited or happy... This is one of the most beautiful things, all these emotions make a person a person." - Jonas Nainys

Text author: Eglė Žilinskaitė


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