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Election of the most beautiful room and meeting with a KFF representative

On our third day, we started with morning exercise and a nutritious breakfast. After eating, we continued working in groups on different activities.

In the session led by leader Ugnė Bagušinskaitė, the campers continued to explore the benefits of the "Lego serious play" method. The youth not only analysed different life situations, but also learned to discover their strengths and talked about the importance of self-development.

The session, led by Džiugas Arštikaitis, focused on movement and the development of individual skills. The youth learnt the subtleties of football, performed various exercises, tested their reaction speed and quickness.

During the activities of the art leader Milda Denkirtytė, some of the campers had to get out of their comfort zone. The participants tried to transfer sketches from sheets of paper to canvas. Although it was not easy at the beginning to cope with the proportions and the change in scale, the campers overcame their fears and are already looking forward to the next stage - working with colours.

With the help of alumna Emilija Greviškytė, the campers prepared the route of the orienteering hike themselves. The teams divided into two parts and gave each other a creative and fun challenge.

Today the campers started another activity - circus classes. We have two leaders - Kęstas Matusevičius and Aino Mäkipää. This year the circus activities are even more spectacular, full of acrobatic tricks and surprises.

In the evening, we had a visit from Domantė Greifenbergerytė of the Kazickas Family Foundation.

Youth had the opportunity to attend a lecture by a guest speaker on the importance of volunteering and gratitude.

Later on, we had dinner and started the most fun part of the evening - the "Clean Up" competition.

It tested the campers' creativity and tidying skills.

The youth have been preparing for the competition with real responsibility! They cleaned their rooms, created performances and tried to think of as many details as possible to make sure that the jury had as few questions as possible.

The competition had several criteria: cleanliness, performance, decorations, smell. These were the criteria that determined the winners of the Cleanliness Contest, who were presented with sweet gifts.

Before going to bed, we gathered in a cosy circle around the campfire, sharing impressions, funny stories and reflecting on the day's activities.

Text author: Eglė Žilinskaitė


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