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Excited campers and impressive jumps into the water

The second day of the camp started on an active note! As soon as we woke up, we jumped into the joint exercise, which chased away the last of our naps. In an energetic mood, we had breakfast and gathered our strength for the challenges and activities ahead.

We started the day's activities in high spirits. At the same time, there were as many as 4 activities for the camper teams!

The session by Benas Mačiulaitis, the sports activity leader, was full of excitement and emotions. The youth improved their volleyball, football and teamwork skills. It is worth mentioning that our campers Džiugas Arštikaitis and Kristupas Kancevičius also helped Benas. They shared their knowledge and made sure that all the activities were successfully implemented.

The art class, led by Milda Derkintytė, took the campers to a world of dreams, adventures and positive emotions. The young people tried to represent the images they had created on a white sheet of paper.

Former students of the programme, Viktorija Sujetaitė and Emilija Greviškytė, prepared an orientation hike for the campers. During the activity, the young people not only got to know the campsite better, but also broadened their knowledge.

The leader, Ugnė Bagušinskaitė, invited them to release their creativity and dive headlong into the freedom of the "Lego serious play" method. The campers tried to look at daily life from a different angle, sharing their thoughts and ideas.

After the intense activities, we headed to the lake. There was no shortage of shouts of laughter, various games and powerful jumps into the water.

We ended the day around the campfire learning the words of the camp anthem, singing Lithuanian folk songs, playing charades and congratulating the camper Karina on her birthday.

And even though it's only the second day of the camp, we are already enjoying the cosy atmosphere, good emotions and meaningful activities!

Text author: Eglė Žilinskaitė

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