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Heartfelt feedback from campers, inspiring hike and a crazy disco

Sixth day of camp... It won't be long before we have to say goodbye, but the mood at camp continues to be great. We are trying to make the most of every moment together... We started the morning with a quiet exercise, a swim and a discussion of the day's activities. After refreshing ourselves, we headed off to the camp leaders sessions.

The session by teamleader Neringa Razbadauskaitė focused on the inner qualities of young people. The "hot chair" method helped the campers to engage in a journey of self-discovery. The person sitting in the "hot chair" had the opportunity to see themselves through other person eyes. Everyone's good and bad qualities were discussed. It helped to realise that the most important thing is to have confidence in oneself, as we all have different personality traits.

In a sports session led by Benas Mačiulaitis, the campers discussed the limits of human potential and how to take care of the body. We also delved into the workings of the musculoskeletal system and how habits are formed. After the session, we realised that small details and attitudes towards life help to form a solid basis.

In the class of professional circus performer Kęstas Matusevičius, youth continued to learn the art of organising circus performances. Kęstas also told the campers about the genres and types of circus, and introduced them to the idea of contemporary and sustainable circus and the challenges of it's implementation.

During the session of art teacher Milda Derkintytė - Sadauskienė, the campers continued to work on the theme "Me and my tribe". We looked for inspiration in nature, drew on canvas, tried to find the right shades...

In the afternoon we went on a hike. We all enjoyed the beautiful weather, shared our impressions, swam and had a great time!

And the trump card of the evening was the DISCO! This time the DJ was Linas Jasinskas, a camp volunteer, who surprised many with his courage and ability to move the audience.

The magic moment of the day:

Campers from Ukraine came up to the camp leader and thanked him for the opportunity to be here! They openly shared that they were very scared at first, but now they feel like we are one family. We are happy to be able to give the guests from Ukraine such an experience in Lithuania!

Text author: Eglė Žilinskaitė


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