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  • Eglė Žilinskaitė

Highlight of the second day - camp anthem and flag

The second day of the camp began...

After waking up, we rushed to the joint morning exercise led by Linas, a camp volunteer. Fresh and awake, we cleaned our rooms and prepared for breakfast. After breakfast, we started the day with a bang. As many as 4 sessions were held for young people at one time!

During the session led by the art teacher Milda Derkintytė - Sadauskienė, the youth tried to get to know each other better, implement the most unexpected ideas and find inspiration, with the help of creativity.

The session led by teacher Neringa Razbadauskaitė was dedicated to self-development and internal development of young people. During it, the campers got to know themselves better. They also shared various life experiences and looked for ways to overcome challenges.

The circus session, led by the team leader Kęstas Matusevičius, turned out to be quite a challenge for the campers. Youth tried the art of juggling, performed various acrobatic exercises, and tried to develop habits of correct posture.

The last session of the sport, led by the program manager Arminas Vareika, ignited a spark of excitement in the hearts of young people. Campers played a variety of games, learned to work as a team and looked for their strengths.

After 2 days of rain, the sun finally showed up, so campers instantly decided to go for a hike, during which we had a great time and visited Antalieptė's famous places.

There was no lack of joy and fun moments in the evening program. Our camp officially has its own attributes: a flag and an anthem. It was their presentation that crowned the day. We all learned the words of the anthem together, opened the camp mailbox and shared the letters.

Before going to bed, we gathered in a circle of peace, which has become a tradition, reflected on the day's activities and shared our impressions. We look forward to the challenges, lessons, adventures and joyful moments of a new day...

Text author: Eglė Žilinskaitė


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