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International guests vote for the most beautiful room in the camp

On the fifth day of the camp, as usual, we started with exercise. The campers enjoyed the beautiful weather and delicious pancakes for breakfast.

Once the activities started, the youth continued to stay active and learn as much as possible.

The first session, led by teamleader Neringa Razbadauskaitė, focused on developing the campers emotional intelligence and literacy. During the "Bridges'' methodical game, youth improved their communication and creativity skills. They also learned that self-confidence can only be developed by getting rid of fears.

In the workshop of the teamleader Kęstas Matusevičius, the campers learned new acrobatic tricks. Applying the knowledge they already had, youth performed circus acts, in which they had to use at least 8 elements of circus exercises. At the end of the activity, the young people performed for their friends.

During the art session, teacher Milda Derkintytė – Sadauskienė, taught the youth how to find an artistic balance, how to create a comfortable working atmosphere and how to paint correctly on canvas.

The session by sports enthusiast and one of the camp teamleaders, Benas Mačiulaitis, was full of surprises. The campers did various exercises, such as squats, push-ups and jumping jacks, while paddle boarding. They also tried to learn one of the elements of circus - the headstand.

In the afternoon, we went for a hike by the lake. The campers swam, played volleyball, and after returned to the campsite, they prepared for the "Cleanest room" competition.

In the evening we had a visit from the Kazickas Family Foundation team.

The youth had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Agnė Vertelkaitė, director of the Kazickas Family Foundation, on the importance of feedback, communication, proper letter writing and gratitude.

After the lecture and dinner, the most fun part of the evening – "Cleanest room" competition began.

It tested the campers creativity and tidying skills. For several days, the young people have been preparing, tidying up their rooms, creating performances and trying to think of as many details as possible so that the jury would have as few questions as possible.

The Kazickas Family Foundation (KFF) team created the roles of the jury. The role of Kimberly was played by the Foundation's director Agnė, who introduced herself as a film producer from Chicago and judged the room presentations.

The role of Angelė, the sanitarian, went to Kamilė Perminė, the KFF project manager, who was strict about the cleanliness of the rooms.

Ugnė Balčiūnaitė, head of the start-up, who played the role of a French woman, was the most witty and judged the decor of the rooms.

The competition had several criteria: cleanliness, presentation, decorations, smell. These were the criteria that determined the winners of the "Cleanest room" competition, who were presented with sweet gifts.

We finished the day around the campfire: singing lithuanian and ukrainian traditional songs, sharing letters, tasting the šakotis brought by the guests and wishing each other a good night...

The magic moment of the day:

A camper's letter to the teamleaders: "Thank YOU for the great mood, memories, support, laughter and understanding. I will definitely remember this camp for the rest of my life..."

Text author: Eglė Žilinskaitė


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