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The 4th "Youth Can" camp opens with a large number of campers

Yesterday we opened the 4th "Youth Can" summer camp! For the third year in a row, the camp is organised in Antalieptė, Zarasai district. The Innovators' Valley provides safe and comfortable living conditions for the campers.

This year, 40 young people from different parts of Lithuania came to the camp. In addition, a blind boy, a young man with cerebral palsy and 5 Ukrainians joined the campers.

We formed 4 teams under the guidance of amazing coaches and set off on an unforgettable summer adventure!

The first day went by in a blink. Before we could recover from the emotions, we were already having our evening tea and discussing the day's experiences. And there was no shortage of them! We started the activities with some getting-to-know-you games.

Then the campers expressed their fears, expectations and determined to create the best summer ever for each other! For these activities we used the Lego serious play method.

We also enjoyed the annual tradition of team presentations prepared by the campers. This year, the campers surprised us not only with their inventive performances, but also with their funny names.

The team of Viktorija Sujetaitė and Emilija Greviškytė, former students of the programme, prepared a cheerful performance. They also revealed the name of their group - "Pickle Fountain". The second team to hit the stage was Milda Derkintytė's "Tvarto dvasios". Art leader's pupils delighted the campers with a colourful performance, which was full of rustic fun.

The students of the leader Ugnė Bagušinskaitė came third. The youngest campers' team, "Above the Wave", showed excellent dance moves and warmed up the atmosphere.

The team of the leader Benas Mačiulaitis closed the evening of performances. The bright performance was crowned by the name of the group - "La familia".

The spectacular day ended with a bonfire. We sang the camp anthem, exchanged our first letters, created the camp flag... We look forward to tomorrow's adventures with hearts full of joy!

Text author: Eglė Žilinskaitė


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