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The last chords of the summer camp...

After seven unforgettable days,“ Youth Can“ Summer Camp has been closed! On Saturday, we started with a light morning exercise and preparations for the last activities.

After breakfast, youth rushed off to the session of art teacher Milda Derkintytė - Sadauskienė, during which the campers had to finish their drawings and prepare their presentations. From the very early morning, preparations were underway for the exhibition of the drawings made during the camp, organised by teamleader Milda.

The other teamleaders, together with some of the campers, were tidying up the rooms, writing letters and preparing for the surprises of the evening programme.

After the last lunch together, youth started to decorate the walls of the Carmelite Monastery with their works.

A unique exhibition of the campers drawings began. How good it was to see, hear and feel... The atmosphere was truly magical, and the wave of support was overflowing.

The certificate ceremony took place during the evening. Each camper received a document to mark the meaningful time spent at the third “Youth Can“ camp.

The evening culminated with the screening of a film about the camp. Throughout the week, camp volunteers Eglė Žilinskaitė and Emilija Greviškytė, together with the camp leader Arminas, worked hard to make this idea a reality.

The mail was as plentiful as ever. All the unspoken thoughts, nice words and wishes were on a white piece of paper and made the campers happy. The camp was filled with a sensitive, touching and uninhibited atmosphere...

On Sunday morning, we packed up the rest of our luggages, hugged our friends one last time, shared our camp attributes and headed home.

Thank you to the teamleaders, sponsors and all the people who helped to organise this miracle!

We believe that the impressions of the camp will never fade away and the knowledge gained will serve the campers in the future!

Text author: Eglė Žilinskaitė


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