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  • Eglė Žilinskaitė

The third "Youth Can" camp has a record number of participants

Today we opened the third camp of the "Youth Can" program! This year 35 young people from different villages of Lithuania are participating in the camp. Also 5 Ukrainians, a blind boy and three former students of "Youth Can" who joined the volunteer team. The camp is being organized for the second year in a row in Antalieptė, The Innovators Valley. We have 4 team leaders who will help youth spend their time at the camp as meaningful as possible.

The first day was really productive, we did so much that it's hard to believe that the camp has just started. After arriving campers were greeted by team leaders and volunteers who registered them and give camper packages. Camp volunteers showed the youth their rooms, allowed them to settle in and put their things. After that, we divided the camp participants into teams, and introduce them

After getting to know each other, we had lunch. Later, the campers set personal goals and planned how to achieve them. We also worked in groups and prepared for team performances. The main highlight of the evening became campers team performances, which officially opened the CAMP. The team of art teacher Milda Derkintytė-Sadauskienė and Linas Jasinskas was the first to appear, preparing a witty performance, their team name is "I didn't love you".

After that, the stage was taken over by the sensual performance of Benas Mačiulaitis and Giedrė Imbrasienė team "Virtuozai", during which the camper from Ukraine performed a Ukrainian folk song.

The "Silent minions" team of Kęstas Matusevičius and Emilija Greviškytė appeared third, bringing bright colors to the stage. And finally, the team of Neringa Razbadauskaitė and Jokūbas Jacka, the youngest campers, "Lietaus vaikai" thunderously closed the program of team performances. We ended the evening with a cup of tea, reflecting on the day's activities and getting ready for an even more impressive tomorrow...

Text author: Eglė Žilinskaitė


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